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Our vision is extremely clear. We aren’t here to create a business, we are here to create an industry. For ages theatre has been a victim. It’s never been able to attract the masses, it’s never been able to compete with movies. While world theatre continues to offer opprotunities, Theatre in India has been limping for ages and hasn’t been able to create an industry. Why? We feel it’s because theatre has no stories to offer.You have the same old stories happening again and again and again and again. Why do you go to watch a film each weekend? It’s because it tells you a new story every time. Yes you may like or dislike the film but it gives you something new. That’s what we want to do. Give you something new everytime you come to our shows.

Parindey is also about opportunity. If you’ve ever felt that you wanted to act or write and felt that you aren’t good enough to make it big. Parindey is the place to be. We will train you, we will get you on stage, we will get your stories on stage and trust us we will never say that you aren’t good enough. Parindey is all about belief, faith & expression. The world needs a lot of storytellers.
A calender full of live events not just in Delhi but also across other cities and short films offers a bagful of content for you to enjoy.
So out with the old and in with the bold, We are here to create an industry and will not stop until we achieve our goal.

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    March 15, 2020

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